• Step in to Study Counselling: Students guide to learning counselling & tackling course assignments

Step in to Study Counselling: Students guide to learning counselling & tackling course assignments

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ISBN 978 1 898059 64 6 (2003)
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The first two editions of this book have provided welcome assistance to thousands of students on counselling courses at all levels, in settings from further education colleges to universities. Frequently described as a ‘life saver’, it is now updated and re-styled for the fast-changing world of training and assessment in counselling. Whether you are returning to study after several years away from education, or are one of life’s perpetual students, this book will be an invaluable study guide. All facets of counselling courses are included, from improving your essay writing through overcoming the fear of using libraries to beating the traumas of tape transcribing. This book is approachable and reassuring in its style, aiming to help you express yourself in your assignments to the best effect.


•Learning processes on counselling courses
•Getting your learning environment right
•Skills and techniques for effective study
•Assessment and assignments on counselling courses
•Skills and techniques for written assignments
•Skills and techniques for non-written assignments
•New technology and learning counselling

Online reviewers say:

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone contemplating a counselling course. Easy to read, it covers every aspect of the different types of work that would be required during the course. It is given in very simple language with easy to follow examples. This book almost became my bible, as soon as the next piece of work was to be done I would look to see how it suggested doing it. For someone like myself who had been a stranger to coursework and textbooks for many years it became a real friend. The book is divided into eight chapters each covering an important aspect of study skills for a counselling course. Topics such as skills and techniques for effective study, written and non-written assignments, the importance of getting your learning environment right etc. There are scattered throughout the book wonderful 'inside stories.' I especially liked and empathised with 'Tracy's story' (The life, partnership and family) a mother of two who works part time as well as doing an intensive part time diploma course. There are also stories from a tutor, supervisor and external examiner. At the end of each chapter hints and tips are given on the areas covered, this can be helpful as a quick reminder. I guess my favourite part of the book in a very frivolous yet thought provoking way was found on p.136 Therapese - How to sound like a counsellor without really being one. Six lists of counselling relevant words are given and you are invited to pick a word from each list at random and be amazed at how intellectual you can sound. I could have lots of fun with this while broadening my range of vocabulary. On that note I would say I really rate this book highly, I could not have done as well as I have without it I'm sure. Thanks Pete Sanders.

I use this excellent book all the time. The information is well laid out and very easy to understand. I have the other books by Pete Sanders in the series and they are all invaluable to me. I am a counsellor who is near the end of psychotherapy training.

Very useful book along side studying. Can easily locate the information you need. Very happy and satisfied customer, thank you!

Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders spent over 30 years practising as a counsellor, educator and clinical supervisor. He has written, co-written and edited numerous books, chapters and papers on many aspects of counselling, psychotherapy and mental health. He continues to have active interest in developing person-centred theory, the politics of counselling and psychotherapy, and the demedicalisation of distress. He has given keynote addresses at several UK and European conferences and also offers workshops in a few areas that continue to interest him. He is a pre-therapy/contact work trainer and trustee of the Soteria Network UK.  Follow Pete Sanders at http://twitter.com/@PeteSanders51

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Pete Sanders