• Self-Actualization: Person-Centred Approach and Systems Theory

Self-Actualization: Person-Centred Approach and Systems Theory

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ISBN 978 1 906254 03 2 (2008)
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Originally published in Germany, PCCS Books is pleased to bring Self-Actualization to a wider readership.

This book explores a core concept in both Carl Rogers’ person-centred approach to psychotherapy and modern systems theory. Self-Actualization stresses the links between humanistic approaches, systems — and family — therapy, ‘old’ holistic and dynamical thinking in psychology — in particular gestalt theory — and ‘modern’ systems thinking in the natural sciences.
Most people believe in the essential difference between an engine and a human being, but still use cognitive tools from mechanical science. The intent of this book is to provide the reader with thoughts, ideas, metaphors and knowledge which are more adequate to understand the processes of life and our soul.

1. My Theoretical Orientation and its Underlying Path of Life
2. On Chaos and Order
3. Our Lebenswelt in Upheaval
4. The Re-enchantment of our World
5. Intuition in Therapeutic Processes
6. (Self-) Actualization, Meaning Structures and Meaning Fields
7. The Effectiveness of the Humanistic Psychological Approach

Jürgen Kriz is one of the most seminal thinkers in the field of humanistic person-centred theory. This book brings together an exciting collection of his papers wonderfully presented even in translation. It shines a searchlight on the process of seeing our world – whether in its marvellous complexity or reduced to simplistic order. Godfrey Barrett-Lennard

This book boldly unites the scientific theory of self organization and the person-centered approach, offering a refreshing alternative to mechanistic explanations of our world from a scholar accomplished in both traditional and interdisciplinary systems research. Jeffrey HD Cornelius-White

... I would recommend it for tutors, students or even anyone with a vague interest in how human beings 'tick' ... All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read.  Sarah Lewis, Person-Centred Quarterly, November 2008

Jürgen Kriz

Jürgen Kriz is Professor of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology at the University of Osnabrück and guest professor at several universities in Europe and the USA. He is a practising psychotherapist, super­visor and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Person-Centred Society in Germany (GwG). Among other honours, Kriz received the ‘Grand Viktor Frankl Award of the City of Vienna’ for his life’s work, which has won international acclaim in the field of humanistic psychotherapy.

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Jürgen Kriz