• Sacred Science: Person-centred inquiry into the spiritual and the subtle

Sacred Science: Person-centred inquiry into the spiritual and the subtle

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ISBN 978 1 898059 21 9 (1998)
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This cutting-edge book breaks new ground in transpersonal psychology. It argues for a people-based, person-centred religion which holds that spiritual authority is within each individual.

Topics covered include:

    The emergence of a self-generating spiritual culture of independent pathfinders.
    An affirmation of the person as a real spiritual presence on the crest of divine becoming.
    The nature of long-term lived inquiry and short-term co-operative inquiry, into the spiritual and the subtle.
    A working model of internal spiritual authority, and of how it gets projected outward.
    A critique of the gender-laden theory of a perennial philosophy.
    An exploration of the issues involved in do-it-yourself subtle (psychical) research.
    A new map of the spiritual and the subtle, and of methods of inner transformation.
    Reports of eleven short-term co-operative inquiries into the spiritual and the subtle, showing how the method works.

Part 1: Perspectives of lived inquiry
•Introduction and background
•Spiritual inquiry and projected authority
•Spiritual inquiry and the authority within
•Issues in subtle inquiry
•The challenge of cartography
•A dipolar map of the spiritual and subtle
•Methods for the second form of spiritual transformation

Part 2: Co-operative inquiry reports
•Reports, adequacy and viability
•Spatiotemporal extensions
•Impressions of the other reality
•The bliss nature and transtemporal regression
•Knacks in entering altered states
•Charismatic expression
•Transpersonal activities in everyday life
•Transpersonal inquiry within a self-generating culture
•Ritual and interpersonal process
•Empowerment in everyday life and group life
•Coming into being

Part 3: A participatory worldview
•Participatory research
•Participatory theology and cosmology

I think that anyone who is interested in the spiritual dimension would find that John Heron explores so much of relevance, from the more orthodox and authoritarian religions, to the exploration of issues involved in 'do-it-yourself' subtle psychical research. He evidences the possibility of generating joyful, spiritual culture which affirms each individual's spiritual presence and authority, without projecting onto teachers and traditions. Betty Gould, Self and Society, Vol. 27, No. 5, November 1999.

Heron invites us to navigate our own idiosyncratic way through his book. I read the inquiry reports in order to fill out the theory and interrupt the density of the first section. This book is not an easy read, both in terms of style and content. Much of what Heron says resonated strongly with me and to a large extent describes how I go about my own spiritual life. However, I also experienced a particular form of brain ache that tells me that my received and unquestioned assumptions are being profoundly challenged. Rose Cameron, Person-Centred Practice, Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1999.

John Heron

John Heron runs the South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry in New Zealand. He was Founder and Director of the Human Potential Research Project, University of Surrey, and Assistant Director, British Postgraduate Medical Federation, University of London. He is a researcher, author, facilitator and trainer in: co-counselling; co-operative inquiry; educational development; group facilitation; management development; personal and transpersonal development; and professional development in the helping professions. His books include: Helping the Client, revised 5th edition, 2001; The Complete Facilitator's Handbook, 1999; Co-operative Inquiry, 1996; Group Facilitation, 1993; Feeling and Personhood, 1992; and of course Sacred Science. (PCCS). Information about John and his work can be found at www.human-inquiry.com

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John Heron