• Healing Homes: An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis

Healing Homes: An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis

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Healing Homes, a moving documentary on recovery from psychosis (directed by Daniel Mackler of Take These Broken Wings), chronicles the work of the Family Care Foundation in Gothenburg, Sweden. The organisation, backed by over twenty years of experience, places people who have been failed by traditional psychiatry in host families — predominantly farm families in the Swedish countryside — as a start for a whole new life journey.

Host families are chosen not for any psychiatric expertise, rather, for their compassion, stability, and desire to give back. People live with these families for upwards of a year or two and become an integral part of a functioning family sytsem. Staff members offer clients intensive psychotherapy and provide host famlies with intensive supervision. The Family Care Foundation eschews the use of diagnosis, works within a framework of striving to help people come safely off psychiatric medication, and provides their services, which operate within the context of Swedish socialized medicine, for free.

Healing Homes weaves together interviews with clients, farm families, and staff members to create both a powerful vision of medication-free recovery and an eye-opening critique of the medical model of psychiatry.


Daniel Mackler

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