• First Steps in Counselling: A students' companion for basic introductory courses (4th edition)

First Steps in Counselling: A students' companion for basic introductory courses (4th edition)

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ISBN 978 1 906254 41 4 (2011)
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With over 100, 000 copies sold, First Steps in Counselling remains the text of choice for both students and tutors participating in introductory courses. Setting the standard for approachable entry-level books, the 4th revised edition provides an absolutely up-to-date text for today's students, covering theory, personal development and building helping skills.

An amazing 53 'Five Star' ratings by Amazon Reviewers. Read them here


Chapter 1.   What is Counselling

Chapter 2 .  Where do Ideas in Counselling Come From?              

Chapter 3.   The Importance of Self-Development                                     

Chapter 4.   Prejudice, Oppression and Counselling                                   

Chapter 5.  Counselling and Helping Attitudes and Skills            

Chapter 6.   What to do When You Reach Your Limits                            

Chapter 7.   Ethics and Counselling                                                                       

Chapter 8.   Support and Supervision in Basic Helping and Counselling                                                                                  

Chapter 9.   Counselling Contexts and Connections                                   

Chapter 10  Clients                                                                                                

Chapter 11        Who Does What in Helping?                                                  

Chapter 12        Some Questions for Counselling in the 21st Century   

Chapter 13        What Comes Next?                                                                 

Chapter 14        Endings                                                                                              




Online reviewers say: 

I bought this book largely from reading all the good reports on Amazon. I must say, I wasn't disappointed. Although I am already well into a counselling degree course, I have found a great deal to learn from this book which is well written, extremely 'reader friendly' and contains something for everyone I'm sure - whatever their stage of learning or practice. In my opinion, despite the title, this book would be of interest well beyond the introductory stage. Amazon reviewer.

This is clearly a must read and a wonderful informed handbook for assignments for anyone starting their 10 week introduction course on the counselling path. Pete Sanders leaves nothing out. It really is a Must for anyone starting on their counselling training. An excellent investment. Amazon reviewer.

Brilliant - this was the bible and told you everything, easy to read and helpful when studying, highly recommend. Amazon reviewer.

Perfect, simple easy to follow - the perfect companion for newbies. Amazon reviewer.

Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders spent over 30 years practising as a counsellor, educator and clinical supervisor. He has written, co-written and edited numerous books, chapters and papers on many aspects of counselling, psychotherapy and mental health. He continues to have active interest in developing person-centred theory, the politics of counselling and psychotherapy, and the demedicalisation of distress. He has given keynote addresses at several UK and European conferences and also offers workshops in a few areas that continue to interest him. He is a pre-therapy/contact work trainer and trustee of the Soteria Network UK.  Follow Pete Sanders at http://twitter.com/@PeteSanders51

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Pete Sanders