Clare Shaw

Clare Shaw

With a wealth of personal experience of self-harm, Clare Shaw  is one of the UK's most prominent and authoritative voices on this issue. She is also 'one of Britain's most powerful and dynamic young poets' (Arvon Foundation); widely published and anthologised, and with two collections published by Bloodaxe. She lives in West Yorkshire with three cats — and one daughter. For more information about Clare's work visit


Books by Clare Shaw

Otis Doesn't Scratch. Talking to young children about self-injury

  • £10.00
Should we talk to children about self-injury? Yes we should. 'Otis Doesn't Scratch' is a two-part resource to help young children understand why others self-harm. Children, like adults, often live in difficult circumstances, but with the right support they can make helpful sense of what’s happening. If Mum has cancer or a brother has special needs there…

Our Encounters with Self-Harm

  • £19.00
The ‘Our Encounters with…’ series collect together unmediated, unsanitised narratives by service-users, past service-users and carers. These stories of direct experience will be of great benefit to those interested in narrative enquiry, and to those studying and practising in the field of mental health. This collection brings together a range of voices on the theme of self-harm …